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Millies on Mondays is a St Mildred’s Church Parent and Toddler group. It is open to all, irrespective of religious opinion, political party, nationality,  age, gender, race or disability, and we welcome you and the child/ren in your care.


We provide a safe environment in which children can play and socialise, and a supportive and friendly meeting place for parents and carers.


We open at 9am. Please park your pushchair, remove all shoes in the designated area and then sign in. Coffee, tea and donuts will be available from the serving hatch from around 9.30am. The kitchen is for staff only


Children may play freely throughout the morning. There is a craft table on which you will find standard colouring equipment. We do not provide felt tip pens because the lids can come off and be swallowed. There are toys and musical instruments.


Story Time takes place at 10.15am. The children, parents and carers are invited to sit on the rug and enjoy the day’s story.


Story Time is followed by Snack Time at 10.25am. A healthy snack will be set out at the low tables for all to enjoy (usually some fruit, a dry snack and drink).


At 11.15am we begin to tidy up. Please encourage your children to assist in putting the toys in the containers. We end with singing, music and movement at 11.20, which takes us to the end of the session at 11.30am.



Have you got any unwanted toys (no ride-ons, please) that are new or in excellent condition,or a play pen or play mat?

If so, we’d love to hear from you.




For Parents and Toddlers in St Michael's


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